I move your things.

I am Aaron Michael, and I move your things. I am a logistics and business management consultant; specialising in project logistics, time critical shipments and e-commerce. Need help with logistics? Run your business, I'll run your cargo.

Who I Am

I am Aaron Michael, I have been in the logistics industry for the past 6 years of my life. I grew up living and breathing aviation, travel and logistics. Learning the fundamentals of business and logistics at the tender age of 6.

Over the years, I started being fond of the logistics industry and the complexity of the job at hand. Learning pratically with the family has grown my experience far beyond imaginations. With the recent years, I have studied logistics, business and the vastly growing e-commerce market.

With experience around the region, travelling and exposure to different culture, adaptability is my strong suit. It is in meeting people from around the world that gives me a diverse perspective on the world and business.

My passion is in business and venturing into new uncharted markets in hopes to make an impact in the industry and give the world a lasting impression. Which is why I work on one thing constantly, making logistics simple, and bringing technology into an old industry to take it lightyears ahead of the curve.

What I've Done

Achievements, goals and dreams are something that is very important to me. Most of all, quality of results matters to me most. When a job is presented to me, only 2 things matter to me, what do you want at the end of this and when? Everything else is secondary.

Being result driven, drives me to be focused on the task at hand and perform with efficiency and effectiveness. I don't believe in "cheap". I provide the best value. It's easy to find the best or the cheapest; being able to balance that is the art of logistics.

Ninja Van Singapore

A startup, who's recently successfully rounded off Series C funding is one that I admire from their humble start. Starting out by filling a void that they've felt themselves, they turned the last-mile delivery scene in Singapore around with technology.

Together, the trio that founded the company brought the concept around Southeast-Asia and expanded into 6 countries around the region. Recognising that e-commerce is the next big market, they have big goals.

Looking heavily into China export of e-commerce and the region's potential, I am consulting them, establishing and managing pipelines between countries. With steady volumes to Singapore and Malaysia, we are looking to penetrate the Indonesian, Thai and Filipino market with their tech.

I.E. Post

Based in Guangzhou, I.E. Post enabled shoppers outside of China an easy and economical option for shipping. Giving shoppers the flexibility of shopping from multiple online shops without paying multiple shipping fees, I.E. Post enabled the cross-border e-commerce to grow.

Representing the Guangzhou based company in Indonesia, a collaboration with Pos Indonesia was established to provide timely, effective clearance and distribution in Indonesia.

Successfully established a sustainable pipeline in close partnership with Pos Indonesia and ensured service quality maintained throughout the partnership

Unfortunately due to the volatile Indonesian market and regulation, operation for I.E. Post had to cease.

PT. Aeroner

A logistics management and consultancy company established and based in Indonesia in early 2010 was a family company started by my brother. Upon my return to Indonesia in late 2012, I took over the company with a new rebrand and a rework of service suite.

Focusing on tailor-made solutions to every individual project and its requirements, it was a small one-man company. In 2014, Aeroner realigned itself to focus in addressing the ever growing e-commerce market. Moving a modest amount daily to Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

I left PT. Aeroner in pursuit of building e-commerce to Southeast-Asia with I.E. Post's appointment as representing consultant.

What I Do

I am a logistics and business management consultant. I specialise in tailoring solutions to your needs. Over the past 6 years, I have handled special projects, time-critical shipments and the new e-commerce market within the Southeast-Asian region.

Over the recent years, I focused on the E-Commerce market in Southeast-Asia and working on projects that grows the market in high potential countries. Furthermore, constantly working on bringing change to the industry with logistics tech advancement.

I can provide a wide range of services to help your business:
Business Consultation (SEA Expansion)Logistics ConsultationSpecial LogisticsTime-Critical ShipmentsE-Commerce ManagementAircraft Charters

Contact Me

You're here! Have a project or a problem? Want to work together? Or do you just want to grab coffee? Drop me a note and I'll be more than happy to sit down for a chat!

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